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Studiowhiz '03

Want to know about Flash MX 2004? - Macromedia recently announced the new version of the MX range of products. There is a lot of hype going around about these products and we are going to try to help you make sense of what's happening. We are going to bring you details about why you should upgrade, the things to watch out for and the differences between Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX 2004 Pro.

We are going to expand our forum area to cover the new ranges of MX technology, allowing you to share your experiencs and thoughts on this exciting new range of software. As more comes to light about these applications we hope to bring it to you so you can be fully educated when it comes time to decided to upgrade or purchase.

Thanks to new member Eric Jr. we have a review of Flash MX 2004 Professional to start us off on this path. Eric spent the last 2 weeks of the Flash MX 2004 beta looking at the application and writing up this review.

» click here to check out his review

Industry News

What's New Adobe CS

29 Sep 2003

Adobe have annouced today that they are releasing the CS range of software. What is CS? Creative Studio, very similar to Macromedia's MX family the Creative Studio aims to bring all of Adobe software into one upgrade pattern.

You can purchase items seperatly or as a unit, and I'm told there are some neat features bundled with these new applications.

Photoshop (ImageReady) new features include
- Improved File Browser
- Shadow/Highlight correction
- Text on a path
- Macromedia® Flash™ (SWF) file export
- Comprehensive 16-bit support
- and many more

» Photoshop
» Illustrator
» InDesign
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What's New Boxx goes 64

26 Sep 2003

Boxx Technologies has combined with AMD to make use of the new AMD 64bit cpu's.

“AMD has been working closely with BOXX to arm some of the world’s most talented rendering artists with AMD’s most extreme desktop technology, the AMD Athlon 64 FX processor,” said Tim Wright, director, desktop marketing, AMD’s Computation Products Group.“

BOXX will soon be unveiling new products utilizing the Athlon 64 FX processor that are designed to complement its series of award-winning high-performance workstations.

This is going to make Boxx machines very fast and very powerful, will you be making the shift to 64 bit computing soon? Why not discuss your thoughts on the new 64bit computers in our fourms.

» visit the site
» discuss this in our forums

What's New Alias ImageStudio & Studio Tools

25 Sep 2003

Alias announced on the 23rd that they had released a new version of StudioTools a very popular tool in the world of product design (esp in the car design community) and a brand new tool called Image Studio.

While the art of 3D rendering normally requires a high level of technical software skill and can take months to master, ImageStudio makes it possible to create professional rendered images in a fraction of the time. The streamlined nature of the new rendering software helps a designer spend less time preparing 3D rendering for presentation, leaving more time for designing and modeling. For instance, with ImageStudio a designer can bypass complex shader and lighting set up requirements to create an image in as little as one hour.

Making use of industry leading Mental Ray and working with industry standards I can see Image Studio becoming an asset when I need to "re-render" to create an image and the 3D boys are busy.

While you are at the Alias site ... check out Portfolio Wall a wicked app for showcasing your work

» Image Studio
» StudioTools
» Portfolio Wall
» discuss on our fourms

Strata 3Dpro 3.9 ships

25 Sep 2003

Strata have released the latest version of Strata 3D a very good solid application for getting into 3D, and if the latest work showcased on their website shows this new version packs a PUNCH.

Showcasing some of the new features in 3.9 is the work titled "Angelman" and you really need to head over there and check it out, very clean, fresh and funky work.

Strata 3D has good memories for me as one of the first tools I learnt 3D with. It always has been a great tool for working with.

» www.strata.com/
» Angelman
» discuss this on our fourms

GlobFX Swiff Chart and Generator v3

23 Sep 2003

GlobFX today have announced the 3rd version of their very popular Swiff charting solutions. These items are fantastic for creating animated graphs, charts and such like in a hurry.

New features include new drawing tools, allowing creation of extra artwork, new chart types, and improved output including output to SWF, SVG and PDF.

» What's New
» GlobFX.com

// EDIT //
Okay correction, the news release was for SwiffChart 3.1 update and SwiffChartGenerator 3.0.

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Site News

What's New CSS and XHTML sites, tools and wizards

26 Sep 2003

Having had a recent number of emails asking me for websites, advice, and other type things to do with CSS and XHTML I thought I would put together a short article with links and thoughts on many of the common websites that I use for help and support.

This list is by no means conclusive, and I invite you to add your comments and links in the comments area for this article. Hopefully this will grow to become a very usefull collection of sites for us all. Also check out balloon delivery

» read the article

Macromedia Central

25 Sep 2003

Macromedia released Central to public beta today, so we thought we'd right up a little article for you, letting you know a little more and hopefully getting you excited about this cool new application coming from Macromedia.

Why not head over and read our article then head on over and try out Central for yourself, then come back and chat about your experience with us in our Central discussion area.

» Central Article
» Central Forums
» Initial Impressions Disucssion

More Content added

24 Sep 2003

Yes we have added yet more content to the site, and we are looking for more. So why not dust off your files and write up that tutorial or review - you never know you might win a hot title from PeachPit Press for your efforts.

» The Non-Designer Design Book
» Ultima Online - Age of Shadows

» Encoder/Decoder - 1 bit encryptor
» colored border for HTML table

If these guys can submit things and help grow our community so can you ... why not click here and learn more about the Book of the Month and how you can enter to win.

What's NewGame Reviews

21 Sep 2003

We have decided to open up our reviews section to include more items. We all love to chill out and play games and I know many of us spend a little too much time playing computer games.

Also I know of a couple of members involved in game development and some interested in graphic development for games and such like.

To kick it off we have reviewed two new titles for the Microsoft Xbox, and we are inviting you to submit reviews of your favourite or new games as well. We are hoping to have at least 1 new game a month for us all to look forward to. Yes you game review submissions will count as entries for the book of the month.

» Burnout 2
» NFL Fever 2004

House Cleaning

09 Sep 2003

Hello there everyone. This is a general call to all memebers, to help us with some house cleaning.

If you are a member here, please make sure your email address is up to date, that your mail box is not full, and that your personal message system is not storing messages you don't really need.

We've noticed over the last few weeks there has been an increase in the number of notification emails that are bouncing, and newsletters that are bouncing. Please note that each email sent from the system costs us in bandwidth, and if they are bouncing it's money we are wasting.

If you would like to help us out with a donation (no matter how small) please click here.

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